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    Basic introduction and application scope of Yilabao

    Yilabao, also known as the sea newspaper rack and display rack, is a set-up propaganda poster. It is often used in the street passageway with a lot of people. It can assist the self-employed road show sales promotion activities or temporary stalls. The main material of ilabo is plastic or aluminum alloy. The substitutes of Yilabao are street banners, road flags, posters, stickers, etc.

    Yilabao, also known as sea newspaper stand and display stand, is also known as easy to pull, easy to pull, easy to roll, etc. in the advertising industry, it is a set-up propaganda poster, which is often used in the street passageway with a lot of people to assist the self-employed road show promotion activities or temporary stalls.

    The structure of Yilabao is a scroll on the ground. From the ground to the top is a retracted column with a buckle on the top of the column. When used, an upright poster is pulled out from the scroll to attract the attention of passers-by.

    Yilabao is suitable for meeting, exhibition, sales promotion and other occasions,

    Since 2000, terminal display equipment has developed slowly in all walks of life. In order to sell well, various props are selected to attract customers' attention, so as to achieve the purpose of promotion and profit. Only in this way can a brand become more and more famous. A variety of display shelves, billboards, light boxes, display boards emerge in endlessly, and the styles inside are all kinds of. In order to distinguish these advertising props, we often hear a lot of names, most of them are their own names. Yilabao is one of them. Originally, it is one of the display shelves. It is made of aluminum alloy, plastic steel and bamboo. Some people also call it easy to pull or easy to pull. The reason is that the advertising picture can be freely retracted and easy to carry. During the exhibition, the picture is pulled out of the box, with a folding strut behind it, which can straighten the picture and take it back when it is not in use It's hidden in the box. However, no matter what style is, it is always the same. There are horizontal bars on the top, boxes on the bottom and struts in the middle. Therefore, the skeleton of the finished product is a horizontal "H" type. In order to facilitate the unified differentiation of display shelves, this kind of exhibition stands are called "H-frame" or "H-frame", which is easy to associate with "X-frame".